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Our range has been expanded with new, in-demand tools and multi-function attachments. We are now also supplying & servicing outboard motors and a large range of RCGF model aircraft engines.

New earth augers/ post-hole drills: DZ-750 and DZ-650

New DZ-650 earth auger from GardenWiz Tools New DZ-750 earth auger from GardenWiz Tools
New DZ-650 earth auger from GardenWiz Tools New DZ-750 earth auger from GardenWiz Tools

New combo trimmer and pruning tool unique to GardenWiz Tools:

Combo trimmer/ pruner from GardenWiz Tools
Combo hedge trimmer/ chainsaw pruner bundle from GardenWiz Tools

GardenWiz Tools have added a couple of much-requested items to their inventory:-
The first is a versatile, straight-shaft brush cutter which also doubles as a pole pruning saw. The second is a heavy duty petrol-powered impact drill which is ideal for those users working far from any electricity supply.

Mighty new Demolition Breaker tool has just arrived!

The PT-79021 gasoline powered demolition breaker is now available from GardenWiz Tools. This tool has a 52cc two-stroke motor and would be great additional tool for most tradesmen.

New 4-stroke Concrete Vibrator

Here's a tool that will get the building and construction contractors salivating with anticipation!
This high-performance CV-350 Concrete Vibrator cuts setting time and ensures a stronger, more durable end result.

The GardenWiz Concrete Vibrator - Model number CV-350

GardenWiz expands its product range again

Now available in stock at GardenWiz Tools are 4 new product items:

  1. The GardenWiz EB-260 engine blower for tidying up around the house, garage, warehouse or farm
  2. The GardenWiz EBV-260 engine blower/ vacuum for all manner of clean-up tasks
  3. The GardenWiz KF-200 6.5 HP chipper/ shredder and
  4. The GardenWiz KF-168 5.5 HP chipper/ shredder

As always, GardenWiz Tools supports these new products with an excellent warranty and carries a full range of spare parts.

The powerful GardenWiz Tools CS-5801 chainsaw is easy to start and use

New Portable Water Pump - WP-40-6

GardenWiz now has a powerful new petrol-powered portable water pump - the 2-stroke WP-40-6.
Check out the details here:-

The GardenWiz Tools team are pleased to announce that they have just taken delivery of their latest shipment of power tools products. This shipment includes chain saws, augers, multifunction pole tools and hedge trimmers.

In addition, there is a large number of spare parts and optional accessories for all of our major product lines accompanying this particular shipment.

Our prices are extremely competitive, so please enquire about your power tool needs today!

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