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Click any image below to see more detailed information and product specifications. To download product information sheets and specifications, visit our Downloads page. Note that spare parts and service support for all of these products are available from GardenWiz Tools here in New Zealand. Our prices are VERY competitive! Enquire NOW!!

The GardenWiz GT-2005 cultivator is simple, powerful and effective The mighty GardenWiz GT-4003-1 cultivator
The GardenWiz GT-2005 cultivator is simple to operate, has a powerful 2-stroke engine and makes tilling soil easy! The mighty 4-stroke GardenWiz GT-4003-1 cultivator is a rotary hoe with attitude! The GardenWiz EBV-260 Blower with Vacuum Kit is a versatile blower/ vac that outperforms many other more expensive alternatives! The GardenWiz EB-260 engine blower blasts away the lawn clippings, dust, gravel and debris from any path or pavement
The GardenWiz duster/ sprayer is shown here in operation   
Taking the effort out of fungal, pesticide or nutrient spraying, the PowerTec Tools PT-79017 gasoline sprayer makes it so easy to spray! The PT-79017 portable power sprayer/ duster is shown here being used with the supplied back-pack harness   The GardenWiz KF-168 5.5HP Chipper/ Shredder is great for tidying up and recycling your hedge clippings, leaves and small branches
The GardenWiz PT electric Chain Saw Grinder The GardenWiz WP-40-6 water pump is a high capacity pump for use on rural properties and orchards    
The PowerTec Tools PT-71206 electric Chain Saw Grinder runs on 230V AC or 12V DC The GardenWiz WP-40-6 portable water pump is a high capacity pump for general purpose use on building sites, rural properties and orchards